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Info and Videos about the RealTouch Masturbation Machine for Men

The RealTouch Review

The RealTouch Review with Vidoes

WARNING: this is definitely a story Not Safe For Work (NSFW) and contains adult material of a sexual nature.

Is it Real or Virtual Sex? This is the question that you will be asking yourself and we will try to respond to in the RealTouch review. You will see/feel/touch it after you experience the RealTouch for the first time. To put it simply, the device plays touch and feel with your penis. This is not just your basic stroke you up and down sex toy; this is explicit details. With the RealTouch virtual sex device the user feels every single motion in a blowjob or sex act.

RealTouch Video – Virtual Sex RealTouch – Promo From AEBN

Now exactly what is the RealTouch, and how does it work, well this seems to be the question on the minds of many these days. Let’s have a closer look in this RealTouch review. Some speculate that is a male vibrator, well, this is an incorrect theory due to the fact that it does not vibrate at all. It is not a masturbation machine or device either. Rather it uses stimulating stroking motion that is applied to the entire length of the penis and not just the high erogenous zones.

RealTouch Video – The Virtual sex toy explained – TV Interview

Inside the RealTouch are two soft rubber drive belts, four vibrating areas, a heating element and the ability to deliver lubricant on command all of this can be adjusted by you to your satisfaction. The RealTouch device can make you feel like you are experiencing a real life blow job, hand job, foot job, anal sex, vaginal sex or anything your mind can imagine. The belts stoke and squeeze the penis into a warm lubed reservoir with an adjustable orifice that creates the sensation of any and every sexual act you can imagine. The warmth of the warm lubricated orifice as it stokes you feels like that of a vagina. The heating element inside the RealTouch masturbation machine keeps it very warm at 98.6 while in use. Now you wonder, what makes all of this a different experience from other male masturbation products; the main thing is the technology behind the product. Other products just attach to the penis and either pump or jerk on them until hopefully at some point you get lucky and reach and orgasm. The RealTouch, feels just like that, like you are being really touched. In other words, you are not masturbating, but being fuc*** and/or getting a blow job as you see it onscreen.

RealTouch Video – NSFW! – AEE 2010 – Real Touch Presentation in Las Vegas Fair

RealTouch uses Haptic Technolgy to allow you to create feelings that you would feel during sex with a partner. Haptic Technology allows interfaces with the user through the sense of touch; basically put Hapitacs is touch feedback. Of all the senses touch is the most capable of both input and output simultaneously, and touch is the basis of all personal experience. There is no more experience more personal than our sexual experiences. This technology implemented in the RealTouch device allows you to see the very erotic film and feel it all at the same time, making the experience incredibly pleasurable.

So now, using this amazing new technology of hapatics, RealTouch makes it possible for you to now not only watch your favorite adult movies, but experience them in real time. You may even pick out who your girl or guy will be, the choice is yours. There is an endless choice of fantasies lined up in the movie collections; something to strike everyone’s fancy no matter what your fancy may be. RealTouch will make watching porn obsolete for most people once they realize they can experience the porn as if were actually happening right then and there to them. It is like cheating with a porn start or your favorite movie star without ever getting caught, because truth be told you were all alone the entire time.

Now as with all good things there are certain things that you must know ahead of time about the RealTouch masturbation machine, and we don’t want to miss those in the RealTouch Review. It can never be submerged in water as it is a powered electronic device, this could be both painful and dangerous. You cannot use condoms with RealTouch, they will become tangled up and could damage the device or you. Although you must keep RealTouch’s reservoir filled with a lube, it must never be filled with oil or silicone based lube, these will damage the materials that make RealTouch feel so natural. So, remember to always keep it full of a water based lube.

It does have some system requirements, such as it only works with a PC, it does not work with MAC as of yet. You do need to have an open USB port and a Broadband connection. At this time RealTouch only works with coded movies, and of course these movies are coded by the manufacturer. There are initial starts up cost to buy the RealTouch, and then you must be subscribed to be able to view the movies. The only movies that you can view will be movies that are encoded by the manufacturer, but this may change in the future.

Now compared to the pleasure that you will get out of it, it seems like these are small little issues and I am sure will not even be noticed by you once you start having endless pleasure.

To rap up the RealTouch review following some video on the RealTouch initial presentation in 2009, some explanatory videos and 5 short and how-to videos.

RealTouch Video – RealTouch 101

RealTouch Video – Setting up Your RealTouch

RealTouch Video – Warming Up Your RealTouch

RealTouch Video – Lubrication & Your RealTouch

RealTouch Video – Maintaining Your RealTouch

RealTouch Video – The world’s first virtual sex device for men – Technical insights

Well, we hope you enjoyed this RealTouch review. For more inforation click on one of the images on the left (straigt) or right side (gay). Have fun!


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