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Info and Videos about the RealTouch Masturbation Machine for Men

Male Masturbation Devices – Men Masturbation Machines Bestsellers

Male Masturbation Devices
A Closer Look at Some of the Men Masturbation Machines Bestsellers

Men of all types love masturbation. Most men do it on a regular basis while others not so much. The amount of time you masturbate or how many times you do it doesn’t really matter. Masturbation can be fulfilling to both your physical and mental self. Masturbation has no negative effects to it either.

Most men are always trying new ways and techniques to this well known art and there are plenty of ways to achieve a different level of orgasm each time. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Some men enjoy it rough while others like it gentle and soft. There are some men who enjoy doing it with one hand while others prefer two. No matter what you prefer, there are many devices and toys that can give you a whole new experience to give you a greater orgasm sensation each time.

Listed below are a few male masturbation devices that can help you reach new levels of your orgasm. All of the below male masturbation devices are perfect for that realistic experience. There are hundreds of others to choose from; some are simple sleeves and others add vibration to it but in the end, most are variations of the ones we have covered in this article. You are going to be in heaven with many of them and also remember that you get what you pay for. While some of these are on the higher end price wise, you are sure to experience some of the best orgasms.

RealTouch Male Masturbation Device

Realtouch-BannerBordersThe RealTouch was designed by an engineer who used to work with NASA. This masturbation machine for men is designed to give sensory feedback to allow your body to have better gaming experiences and to make them feel real.

RealTouch is one of the latest inventions to male masturbation devices. This device is web connected and gives you a virtual sex experience. It combines adult videos that are encoded along with technology that is haptic. This masturbation machine for men allows you to view onscreen sex acts as you are feeling everything that you see on the screen.

How the RealTouch Male Masturbation Device Works

The product works with videos that are designed to work with this male masturbation device.  This device does not work by itself as a vibrator would. The RealTouch glides the whole length of the penis and can imitate the movements of actually having sex.

What’s Inside the RealTouch Men Masturbation Device?

realtouch-bannercenterright-h130The RealTouch male masturbation device gives you an experience like no other as it is known to be among the top in realistic simulations. Inside the RealTouch is an orifice that is flexible and gives you a light squeeze to give you the feeling of both anal and oral sex. There are belts inside that are skin-like and they stroke the penis.
It can be adjusted to different speeds and direction as well. The key to this male masturbation device is that there is lube as well as an element to warm up that gives you the feeling of sensational wet and warm sex.

The RealTouch device allows for a greater experience of sex from some of the greatest adult movies. No matter what you prefer girl wise, this male masturbation device is going to give you a whole new level of satisfaction that is going to satisfy all of your needs and desires.

Cleanup with this device is rather simple. When you are done using it, simply unplug it from your computer. Then press the colored tabs which remove the outer part of the device. Tilt the device under water and rinse thoroughly.

Price of the RealTouch Male Masturbation Device

The RealTouch male masturbation device can be purchased online at many different sites and each has their own prices. The average price can range anywhere from $220 to $270.
To take full advantage of this innovative men masturbation device you should purchase a package of online video time. Depending on the package the cost of these videos varies, ranging from $0.50 to $1 per minute.

realtouch-videos-4 200 Minutes for $99.95
100 Minutes for $59.95
60 Minutes for $39.95
30 Minutes for $24.95
15 Minutes for $14.95

Once you have felt the “real touch” you will not think of any other hands-free or manual masturbation machine. This is the ultimate pleasure for men!

Venus 2000 for Men – The Male Masturbation Machine

The V2000 is definitely one of a kind in its class. This masturbation machine for men is fully hands-free and is through its controles the stroking is adjustable. This guarantees a new level of an orgasm for you and gives you a better sensation depending on your choice of settings.

The strokes can be set to between 8 and 300 strokes in a minute. This can be controlled with a remote control. The liner that is inside the device is much similar to feeling like a woman. There are a few advantages to the Venus 2000 male masturbation device:

  • Vacuum inside the device
  • Full hands-free with remote control

How to Use the Venus 2000 Masturbation Machine

V2000HowItWorksThis male masturbation device is easy to use. All you do is put lubricant on your penis and slide it into a rubber and flexible liner. Turn the device and adjust the settings to your liking.

This illustration shows the two ends of a stroke. The Receiver is moving back and forth this distance at whatever speed you prefer; hands-free.


The Venus 2000 Price

The price of this masturbation machine for men runs between $800 – $900.

Som Machine Hand Job Sex Machine

SomMachineHandJobSexMachineThis masturbation machine for men is made in Japan and is the ultimate device that is hands-free. This male masturbation device is going to give you that ultimate feeling of having an actual hand-job. The hand piece can be adjusted in speed as well as height. This device comes with a sleeve or you can use your own. The hand can be adjusted and can be used with any sleeve no more than 2 inches in diameter.

How the Som Machine Hand Job Sex Machine Works

This device is rather easy to use. Simply place the base either under your butt or on a sturdy surface. Lie down and let this amazing masturbation machine for men bring you to some of the best orgasms.
Thus state-of-the-art male masturbation device delivers an amazing 90 to 180 strokes in a single minute. So, the main question for many is, can you keep up with it?

Price of the Som Machine Hand Job Sex Machine

This machine can range in price depending on where you order if from. It can cost on average, about $300. Some places charge more and some may offer discounts and sales as well. The best way to find the best deal is to shop around.

TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator

TengaMasturbationDeviceThis male masturbation device combines the best of both worlds. This device also has parts from the original TENGA and now has a great sleek black exterior. The oh-so-real sensation is going to give you pure and utterly amazing orgasms.
This design is sleek and black and features three pads on each side to allow you to control how tight the inside gets around your penis. These three pads can also allow you to control the sucking sensation that is another great feature of this male (manual) masturbation device.

How Does it Work

This amazing device is simple and easy to use as well as cleanup. Simply lube up the device and slide yourself in the hole and enjoy. The three pads are as follows:

  1. First pad: Tease the head of your penis
  2. Second Pad: Tease the shaft
  3. Third: Enjoy sensations of sucking


This masturbation machine for men is far cheaper than some of them that are on the market. This device is an average of $70 but can vary in price depending on where you purchase it from.

Fleshlight Male Masturbation Device

FleshLight-bannerFleshlight is another brand of male masturbation devices on the market.  The name basically says it all as this masturbation machine for men is designed out of flesh-like material that can be found on the inside as well as the outer casing. It looks like a really oversized flashlight. It is similar to the TENGA Black Flip Hole Masturbator, but adds design variations, which may be of interest to the specific public. There are four designs if the Fleshlight and they include:

  • Butt
  • Vulva
  • Mouth
  • Pink stealth

There are two color choices for the inner area of this male masturbation device. They are crystal and flesh and there is also a variety of textures. Some Fleshlight male masturbation machines are molded around celebrities.

How the Fleshlight Male Masturbation Device Works

The male masturbation device is rather simple to use.

  1. Place the plastic insert of the Fleshlight out of the casing and place it in hot water.
  2. Get the Fleshlight to the desired temperature you are comfortable with.
  3. Lubricate the orifice as well as the internal area of the device and also yourself. A water soluble lubricant is highly recommended.
  4. Configure the Suction Control valve to your liking (Note: This only controlling the amount of air that enters. This is no electronic masturbation machine).
  5. Use the device as you would if you were having sex with an actual human being and enjoy!

Cleanup of this masturbation machine for men is a breeze. Simply remove the insert and again run it under warm tap water and let it dry before inserting it back into the case. Never use soap and the faster you can clean it the better off you are.

Fleshlight pricing

When purchasing your male masturbation device, some research is recommended as there may be some retailers or even online websites that offer discounts or lower pricing on the Fleshlight. The average price range for this device is $60 to $80.

Disclaimer: In case you purchase any products or services through one of the links I should get a commission paid from the provider.
Don’t you think I deserve some recognition for putting all this information together for you?


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